What is the Greyhound Volleyball Booster Club (GVBC)?

The GVBC is a Booster Club whose mission is to support the volleyball programs of both East High School and the Ordean East Middle School.


How is GVBC funded and how are the funds spent?

The GVBC participates in various fundraisers throughout the year in an effort to raise funds to be able to support the needs of the volleyball programs and to sponsor a variety of events for the team.


What grades can attend Captain Practices?

Girls entering Grades 7 through 12.   


What grades can try out for the High School Teams?

 Girls entering Grades 7 through 12.


What is the Middle School Volleyball program?

The GVBC helps to sponsor the Middle School volleyball program at Ordean East Middle School.  The Middle School Program is open to girls in grades 5 - 8, and runs from September through October. It consists of practice time, local matches and a possible tournament.  The goal of the program is to introduce junior high age girls to volleyball as a lifelong fitness activity. Additionally, the program aims to produce not only more players but better skilled players once they reach the High School program.


Do we have to join the Booster Club?

Every family of a player on the team is automatically considered a member of the GVBC.  There is no membership fee.


Do I have to help with concessions?

Yes, each family will be scheduled to work one shift during home games, the Varsity Tournament and possibly playoffs.  The School gives the Volleyball Program a portion of the proceeds raised during these home games. 


What is the fundraising used for?

In the past, the GVBC has contributed funds toward new jerseys, bags, warm-up jackets, volleyballs and other equipment, as well as helping out with travel expenses for out-of-town tournaments as well as bus upgrades for the games which are out of town.  Additionally, GVBC funds are used to pay for the expenses related to Senior Night, the End of the Season Banquet, and the Pre-Season Welcome Potluck.


Can Middle School families join the GVBC?

Yes, and you are encouraged to do so!


Are there any off-season opportunities for my daughter to continue to play volleyball?

Yes.  Club volleyball opportunities exist for your daughter to continue to play after the fall sports season has concluded. 


Send an email requesting information to: 

Club Hounds:    clubhoundsvb@gmail.com

MN North:         www.mnnorth.com

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