What is the Greyhound Volleyball Booster Club (GVBC)?

The GVBC is a recent officially organized club formed to promote volleyball at Duluth East High School and the Middle School. Historically it was run and organized by a small group of parents. Increasing demands for organizational and financial support necessitated the formal organization of a booster club.


How is GVBC funded and how are the funds spent?

The GVBC has been funded mainly by concession stand profits, working at Blues Fest, selling DEAA Raffle Tickets and Membership Dues. This year additional funds will be raised through the GVBC summer volleyball camp, glossy paper recycle program with donations from Stewart Taylor Printing and Nordic Waste, and staffing the new concession stand at the new school.


Virtually all the funds earned go back to the kids either through offsetting the rising transportation costs, supporting Senior Night and sponsoring the year-end banquet as well as purchasing equipment and uniforms for the high school and middle school programs


What grades can attend Captain Practices?

       Anyone going into 7th Grade all the way to 12th Grade.


Who can tryout for the High School Teams?

       Anyone going into 7th Grade all the way to 12th Grade.


What is the Middle School Volleyball program?

The GVBC sponsored the Middle School program for the last couple of years.  This year, the District is sponsoring the program.  GVBC will donate equipment for their use. Middle School Program is open to girls in grades 5 - 8, and runs from September through October. It consists of practice time, local matches and a possible tournament.  The goal of the program is to introduce junior high age kids to volleyball as a life long fitness activity. Additionally the program should produce not only more players but better skilled players for the high school programs.


Do we have to join the Booster Club?

No, but please consider it as it takes a 'Village to raise a single Team!'   Membership in the GVBC does not ensure your child will make the high school teams nor does the GVBC have influence on who makes the high school teams.


Do I have to help with concessions?

Each Family will be scheduled to work one shift during home games, the Varsity Tournament and possibly playoffs. The School will give the Volleyball Program a portion of the proceeds raised during these home games.  This money helps pay for the rising cost of transportation to games and therefore will benefit every player on every team.


Where does the money go that the Club raises?

In the past it has bought Jerseys, Bags, Warm-up Jackets, volleyballs, equipment, has supplemented travel expenses for out-of-town tournaments, sponsored the Middle School Program that helped build the sport from early on, buy gifts for graduating seniors, supports traditions such as Senior Night and the Pre-season Welcome Potluck.


We can't afford much, how can I help?

There are certain events that happen each year that need organizing.  You can help by volunteering your time and skills to make sure each season your daughter plays is a memorable one.


Can the Middle School join GVBC?

Yes, and are encouraged to do so! The High School program has been working to start up a middle school program so that the girls have time to learn the sport before entering into high school. The GVBC has sponsored a "middle school program" the last few years.


What monies raised goes towards the Middle School Program?

In year's past, the Booster Club has paid coaches and purchased shirts for the middle school players.  Now that the District is sponsoring the program, the Club is purchasing equipment so that the girls have a better system to play on.


Why doesn't the school cover transportation costs?

With over $60,000 needed to be cut from the sports programs, transportation was the first to be looked at.  With the support from parents/families and money from the Booster Club, we were able to help pay for busses for the girls to games.  This past "entitlement" is always on the chopping block and if it is discontinued, you will have to transport your child to and from games. As stated before, the entitlements you might have been used to when you went to school, or even if your older child had, are becoming more and more rare. That's why it is so important to support your Booster Club.  All the money raised goes towards the program and girls.


What is Minnesota North Volleyball Club (“MN North”) and how is it related to GVBC?

MN North combined its program with East End in 2010.  MN North is a Junior Olympic (JO) program. This program is run by a Board  and is open to kids from an area about 100 around Duluth. Depending on the team, this programs start sometime after the high school season ends and run until June. There are 3 levels of play: Nationals, Selects and Club. The Club teams tend to have shorter seasons and play mainly local tournaments. The National and Select teams have longer seasons playing many tournaments in the Twin Cities and aspire to qualify and play in national tournaments. Participation in the National and Select teams are on a tryout basis. Many current and former East varsity players have taken advantage of these programs as a means to improve their volleyball skills during the off-season. While the GVBC appreciates these programs it does not have any relationship with them. No funds from the GVBC go to MN North.

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Booster Club Meeting

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